Bridge UNION token from Arbitrum to Ethereum

Here is a detailed outline of how to bridge your arbUNION tokens to Ethereum & unwrap them.

Arbitrum side of bridge:

Sign into Union’s UI & make sure you are on the Arbitrum network in the top left corner. Next, click on your UNION counter, to the left of your wallet address/ENS

In the arbUNION balance modal, click the “Bridge” button in the bottom right corner. You will be redirected to Arbitrum’s native Bridge.

On the Arbitrum Bridge, you will select the left drop down menu for the token you’d like to bridge. You will manually fill in the token address for arbUNION: 0x6dbde0e7e563e34a53b1130d6b779ec8ed34b4b9

Next, click arbUNION from the search menu. It will appear in the “From: Arbitrum One” modal & you are going to click "max" on the right side of the modal.

Then scroll down to the “Summary” modal & click “Move funds to Mainnet” to initiate the bridging. You will need to confirm the transaction in your wallet extension.

In the next pop up modal, you will need to select the tab “Use Arbitrum’s Bridge” & mark that you understand it will take 8 days to be able to claim & there will be fees on L1 to finish the bridging.

You will confirm the transaction in your wallet extension & wait the 8 days until your arbUNION has been bridged to Ethereum mainnet.

Ethereum Side of the Bridge

After the 8 day time period has elapsed, return to the Arbitrum Bridge & connect your wallet. Next click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top right corner.

Click your wallet address/ENS from the menu. This will lead to your transaction history. Click on withdrawals & you will be able to view your bridging of arbUNION and if it is ready to be claimed. If it is ready, click “Claim” on the right side. You will have to confirm the transaction & gas fees in your wallet extension.

After the transaction is approved, return to (make sure you are on Ethereum in the top left corner). Click on the UNIOIN token counter in the top right corner of the Union UI, just to the left of your wallet address/ENS.

In the UNION balance modal, click the “unwrap” button to unwrap your arbUNION. You will confirm the transaction in your wallet extension.

Click on your UNION balance modal again & it will have updated to include your new bridged & unwrapped UNION.

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