Use Cases

Credit is simply giving someone a dollar and expecting them to return it - be it a lifeline, an open line of credit, or an investment bridge. Union functions as a primitive so that anyone can lend, borrow, or build credit on-chain.

Union is more a foundation to build on than a retail product.

There are many types of credit relationships that could be defined in Union:

  • 1 β†’ 1: This is a lot of overhead for the use case of a single person lending a friend $20. (Passive Nature: When you borrow from a friend)

  • Many β†’ 1: Groups working together: 3 people vouching $100 for a 4th, gives the 4th access to $300.

  • 1 β†’ Many: a single Underwriter vouching for a param, a DAO providing it’s members a credit line

  • Many -> Many: All of the above contributing

It will be up to devs to build product experiences.

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