Mint and distribute UnionTokens.

UNION is an erc20 governance token thats earned by using the Union protocol and is used for controlling the Timelockthat governs the protocol.

UNION is distributed via an algorithmic mechanism in Comptroller to the vouchers who stake and vouch for borrowers who don’t default.


totalSupply() β†’ uint256

Get total supply

Return Values:

  • Total supply

balanceOf(address account) β†’ uint256

No description

transfer(address recipient, uint256 amount) β†’ bool

No description

mint(address account, uint256 amount) β†’ bool

No description

getPriorVotes(address account, uint256 blockNumber) β†’ uint256

Determine the prior number of votes for an account as of a block number. Block number must be a finalized block or else this function will revert to prevent misinformation.


  • account: The address of the account to check

  • blockNumber: The block number to get the vote balance at

Return Values:

  • The number of votes the account had as of the given block

permit(address owner, address spender, uint256 value, uint256 deadline, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s)

Allows to spend owner's Union tokens by the specified spender. The function can be called by anyone, but requires having allowance parameters signed by the owner according to EIP712.


  • owner: The owner's address, cannot be zero address.

  • spender: The spender's address, cannot be zero address.

  • value: The allowance amount, in wei.

  • deadline: The allowance expiration date (unix timestamp in UTC).

  • v: A final byte of signature (ECDSA component).

  • r: The first 32 bytes of signature (ECDSA component).

  • s: The second 32 bytes of signature (ECDSA component).

burnFrom(address account, uint256 amount)

No description


DelegateChanged(address delegator, address fromDelegate, address toDelegate)

No description

DelegateVotesChanged(address delegate, uint256 previousBalance, uint256 newBalance)

No description

MinterChange(address oldMinter, address newMinter)

Minter address change

NewPendingMinter(address oldPendingMinter, address newPendingMinter)

Pending minter address change

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