Gaurdians & Multisigs

Pause Gaurdians

As a safety mechanism some of the contracts are able to be paused if a hack, exploit, or bug is detected early enough. It can only pause the protocol, and the pauseGaurdian is DAO changeable.

Relevant Addresses:



  • 3 of 6 opMultiSig: 0x652AbFA76d8Adf89560f110322FC63156C5aE5c8 2.

  • opPauseGaurdian: 0xF7dc916eC6ee854b3a32f5D8DcF2ED0582e05Dc3 3.

  • opOwner: 0x946A2C918F3D928B918C01D813644f27Bcd29D96

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